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Corporate Governance Board Advisory & Audits

We provide Corporate Governance advice and assistance to a wide range of corporates, including listed companies, large private companies, small and medium sized enterprises as well as multinational organizations, not-for-profit organizations and charitable organizations.

Our team is committed to help your organization reach the highest standards of good Corporate Governance.

We provide the following services: –

  • Advise the Board of Directors to ensure compliance with good Corporate Governance practices;
  • Advise on the composition and structure of the board of directors;
  • Preparation of letters of engagement for directors;
  • Preparation and review of board charters, terms of reference, memorandum and articles of association and shareholders’ agreements;
  • Formulation of Corporate Governance frameworks;
  • Corporate Governance Training to Board of Directors & Committees;
  • Board Induction and Evaluation;
  • Administer Board Effectiveness Assessments including self-assessments;
  • Developing Corporate Governance Reports, Governance Manuals, and Code of Conduct and Ethics;
  • Administer Corporate Governance Reviews including Compliance Assessments;
  • Preparation of good Governance documentation;
  • Outsourcing of directors including Independent Directors;
  • Corporate Governance Audits.

Strategy And Business Plan Review

We assist companies and individuals in formulating comprehensive long-term business plans to ensure conformity with the organization’s objectives and goals. We also offer strategic and advisory services to private and public sectors including the National, County-governments and state-owned entities.

We integrate our expertise in the following areas:-

  • Formulation and Review of strategic plans;
  • Formulation and review of policies;
  • Management and strategic advisory.

Enterprise Risk Management

We advise clients on how to identify potential risks before they occur and have a plan on how to address them.

Our services include:-

  • Provide advice and consultation on risk management and compliance;
  • Assist businesses to improve their internal control systems or environment including internal audit function and effective board oversight;
  • Assist in review of internal control policies and documentation;
  • Assist businesses in fraud risk management;
  • Design control information systems that enable stakeholders to make fast, risk-informed business decisions;
  • Integrate a unified operating model for the business with the agility needed to manage emerging risks;
  • Conduct risk analytics and trend analysis;
  • Provide specialized training and workshops on control environment components including internal audits, and risk governance.