At Bellmac Consulting, we help clients define the role of finance in driving the strategic business imperatives.

Ours services are modelled to offer strategic solutions to companies across a wide spectrum of industries, Government and Non-Government institutions and to support them solve financial challenges or pursue opportunities.

It is our belief that the board and the management objectives are best served when the finance function is aligned to the business strategy, and provides financial analysis and insight to support corporate decision-making.

Moreover, meeting the legal and regulatory obligations are must. Against this background, our range of specialised advisory services include:-

Financial, Operational and Strategic Risk Management

Financial risk management is the process of understanding and reviewing the financial risks that your business might be facing currently or in the future that would hinder achievement of business objectives and plans. It involves appreciating risks the business is willing to take, what risks to avoid and developing an appropriate risk management or mitigation strategy based on organisation risk appetite.

The key to effective financial risk management strategy is the plan of action. These are the practices, procedures and policies management will apply in decision making to ensure your business operates within acceptable risks. Such plan will also make it clear to staff what they can and cannot do, what decisions need escalating, and who has overall responsibility for any risk that might arise.

At Bellmac Consulting, we review businesses to develop a financial risk register for boards of directors, CFOs and CEOs. We also advise on the best control frameworks to mitigate against those risks. This includes documentation and implementation of internal control manuals that ensures the business ability to meet Board’s objectives on risks management and mitigation are well secured.

Business Restructuring and Recovery Services

Companies become insolvent because of mismanagement or adverse economic changes. We work with shareholders, financial institutions and creditors to protect and unlock their value by navigating through crisis situation in the short term and giving strategic turn around advice for long-term growth.

In addition, we have extensive experience to support companies with Balance Sheet restructuring which includes optimization of asset portfolio.

On restructuring, we work with corporates and financiers to develop clear and practical financial management and improvement action plans. We also support or run the implementation of those plans to ensure real and sustainable performance improvement.

Independent Business Reviews [IBRs]

In the current global economic environment punctuated by the pandemic, we have witnessed financial distress across a number of industries such as tourism, retail, real estate and agriculture. The key indicators that an entity is undergoing financial distress include; failure to meet financial obligations as and when they fall due to any of its stakeholders [ lenders, shareholders, creditors or employees]. It can also be inability to meet certain key performance indicators or targets.

At Bellmac Consulting, we offer IBR services at the request of financial institutions [lenders], creditors, shareholders or Board of Directors covering the following scope;

  • Establish the root cause for such distress which could be induced by macro or micro economic factors.
  • Formulate entity specific, actionable and practical business solutions to address the distress
  • Strengthen the Corporate Governance through recommendations on the Board Constitution, operations, strategic direction, management and organizational structure that is effective, budget planning and forecasting as well as risk and control environment to ensure that the distress does not recur or is identified at early stages.

Early identification of financial distress and carrying out of an independent business review is critical for a Company to continue as a going concern.

Project Management and Finance

Government institutions [including County Government] as well as financial institutions are partnering together with private institutions to deliver projects. These stakeholders seek assurance to ensure projects are delivered in time and within budgets. We provide financial advice on how to structure projects; value projects and come up with budgets to those projects. We provide financial support on how to deliver projects within the agreed timeline and cost while upholding attendant quality.

Accounting Advisory

We have witnessed significant changes in accounting standards in recent times and other such changes are in the pipeline. Companies have struggled to ensure information flow that will ensure compliance with those accounting standards. We support management in closing those financial reporting challenges and strengthening of their finance functions and therefore quality and timely reporting.

Financial Accounting Services

Tax compliance is increasingly becoming more important as the revenue authorities continue to enforce tax laws with a view to widen the tax bracket. In most cases, tax compliance follows accounting compliance and reporting. Most SMEs are not significant enough to invest in a fully-fledged reporting department. At Bellmac, we support such entities in preparing compliant financial statements for subsequent tax returns filling.

We work closely together with the tax department within CM Advocates, an affiliate firm to provide a one stop shop for tax compliance requirements.

Corporate Finance

Mergers are becoming increasingly popular as companies seek to partner with others in the value chain in order to grow and enhance value. We work with such business owners to provide M&A strategy, target screening, business valuations and due diligence in the pre-deal process to post-merger integration support. In addition, we support companies to prepare financial documents for purposes of raising capital in capital markets, which includes capital structuring that is, tax efficient.