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25 Sep 2023
The Impact of Founders Syndrome on Corporate Governance Models
The Impact of “Founder’s Syndrome” on Corporate Governance Models

Delve into the hidden dangers of Founder's Syndrome in corporate governance and how it can result in centralized decision-making, limited accountability, and resistance to change. Find actionable steps to counter these challenges and safeguard your organization's future.

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15 Jun 2023
Guiding Principles of Board Papers
Guiding Principles of Board Papers

Board papers play a crucial role in the effective functioning of boards. They serve as the primary means of communication between board members and provide essential information and analysis for decision-making.

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12 Jun 2023
Civil Consequences Of Breach Of General Duties Of A Director (2)
Civil Consequences Of Breach Of General Duties Of A Director

The Companies Act, 2015 (the “Act”) in Section 142-147 has outlined the various duties of directors as below;

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30 May 2023
Role_of_Social_Audits_in_Corporate_Governance-transformed (1)
Role of Social Audits in Corporate Governance

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly important in today’s business environment, as is corporate consistency in building a strong societal and community impact. A delicate balance is required to achieve corporate responsibilities while maximizing shareholder profit. A social audit team is comprised of different stakeholders’ representatives. The team examines the implementation of various programs

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24 May 2023
The Imperative of Inclusive Governance: Breaking Barriers to Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards

In the realm of Corporate Governance, the composition of boardrooms has long been a topic of discussion and debate. One particularly contentious issue has been the lack of gender diversity on corporate boards, with some organizations still maintaining all-male or all-female boards.

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16 May 2023
Frequently Asked Questions On Social And Ethical Audits

Social and Ethical Audits allow the company to see itself through a variety of lenses and captures the Company's ethical and social Profile.

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11 May 2023
Surrender Of Shares

Surrendering of shares refers to the voluntary return of shares held in a company by the registered shareholder for those shares. Surrendering shares, is in effect, the same as transferring those shares in favour of the company that issued them.

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09 May 2023
Strategic Importance of Board Evaluation (2) (1)
Strategic Importance of Board Evaluation

The Board has the mandate of setting out the strategic direction of the company, overseeing management's performance, and ensuring that the company operates in compliance with the expected legal and ethical standards. With an increase in stakeholder expectations and enhanced regulatory requirements, there has been an increasing need for use of various mechanisms to assess the performance of the board.

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03 May 2023
Strategic Importance of Board Evaluation
State Influence in Corporate Governance

Institutional culture is often split between rule and principle-based approaches. Good corporate governance is primed by the type of institutional conformations, potentials, and emerging industrial elements. It's through this framework that the company's management philosophy, what its goals are, and how it interacts with its stakeholders are determined.

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25 Apr 2023
Aspects to Consider in Registering Companies Limited by Guarantee
Aspects to Consider in Registering Companies Limited by Guarantee

Registration of a Company Limited by Guarantee is regulated by Section 7 of the Companies Act 2015. The company is characterized by liability of its members is limited by the company`s articles, and it does not have a share capital. A number of aspects are required for a smooth and successful process.

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