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Beneficial ownership requirement alert

Did you know the deadline for filing the e-register was extended to 31st July 2021?

We would like to bring to your attention that the deadline for filing the e-register of beneficial owners is fast approaching. The Business Registration Service issued a press release dated 27th January 2021 extending the deadline to 31st July 2021.

The requirement directs all registered businesses whether dormant or trading to keep and file a register of its beneficial owners within 30 days of preparation. This is in line with section 93A of the Companies Act and the Companies (Beneficial Ownership Information) Regulations, 2020.

Where a Company fails to comply, each Officer of the Company commits an offence and on conviction are each liable to a fine.

We are here to help you

At Bellmac, we can help your company identify beneficial owners, prepare a register to be filled by the Company, keep a register and submit the e-register to the Registrar of Companies. It is important the register is filed to avoid any penalties due to non-compliance.

For more information, please contact our corporate team through email info@bellmacconsulting.com