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The Champions of Governance Awards

Kenya plays a critical economic role among the East and Central African countries. The pursuit of good governance is becoming paramount to bolstering a healthy economic region. The Institute of Certified Secretaries (ICSK) has emerged as a leading institution in fostering excellence in governance practices across various sectors. The institution takes up the noble role of organizing a governance award annually to note progressive organizational milestones.

The institute is deeply committed to the promotion of good governance practices across various sectors in Kenya. It firmly believes that good governance is essential for sustainable economic development, investor confidence, and social progress. ICS equips its certified secretaries with the necessary knowledge, skills, and ethical values to become effective champions of governance.

One of the key ways in which the institute promotes good governance is through its governance assessments. The assessments cover diverse aspects of governance, including board effectiveness, ethics, risk management, and corporate sustainability. This program is designed to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of the management team in ensuring transparency and accountable decision-making within progressive organizations.

ICS places a strong emphasis on continuous professional development to keep its members updated with emerging trends and best practices in governance. The institution’s members are empowered to share knowledge and experiences and learn from industry experts. Through proper guidance by its members, board members and management teams are able to adapt to the dynamic governance landscape and drive positive change within their organizations.

The Champion of Governance Award recognizes the importance of collaboration and engagement with other stakeholders to advance the cause of good governance. It actively engages with regulatory authorities, government agencies, industry associations, and civil society organizations to advocate for governance reforms and influence policy decisions. Advocacy efforts have created an enabling environment that fosters smoother corporate governance procedures, transparency, accountability, and ethical practices in the public and private sectors.

The Champions of Governance Award plays a critical role in contributing to the country’s sustainable development. Through its comprehensive governance assessment, it equips organizations with the knowledge to uphold the highest standards of governance. As the award expands its reach and influence, the future holds great promise for the champions of governance who will lead their sectoral industries towards a brighter future.

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