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Role of Board in Promoting Ethical Conduct

Corporate ethics define a company’s beliefs and culture. Upholding high ethical standards creates a positive work environment, earning a progressive space. Corporate culture starts with the top management. The board of directors plays a central role in structuring the organization’s ethical conduct. Honesty, diversity, fairness, and members’ integrity are characteristics of ethical behaviour.

Acting ethically means social, individual, and business conduct are guided by good values. The board of directors promotes this through establishing a code of conduct, leading by example, recognizing ethical conduct, promoting compliance practices, encouraging whistleblowing, and monitoring ethical conduct. Creating a healthy work environment facilitates a sustainable workforce to meet strategic goals.

Code of Ethics Policy must be driven by culture for organizations to achieve their goals. Ethical alignment defines the test of time for the board and its effectiveness. The Board promotes good corporate behaviour through a variety of activities, including:

  1. The board facilitates the creation of sound corporate policies and procedures as guiding principles.
  2. Sharing the organization’s vision among the top management.
  3. Ensuring the board charter and committee policy documents accurately reflect the organization’s culture.
  4. Review non-monitory performance, allowing assessment of board composition, succession planning, effective communication, and continued improvement.
  5. Recognition of ethical governance practices.
  6. Evaluate ethical standards during recruiting the chief executive officer and leadership development trainings.

Good governance practices link the board to management activities. Bad behavior can spread quickly, forcing otherwise good employees to make poor and selfish decisions. Negative consequences erode healthy culture, causing organizations to lose their competitive advantage. The board should be equally committed to promoting strong ethical behavior.

In conclusion, the board plays a crucial role in promoting ethical conduct. Objective corporates are increasingly recognizing business ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility as characteristic measures for long-term success. Employees in high-integrity cultures are less susceptible to business misconduct, earning businesses a higher average return.

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