We focus on the human experience in business transformation and on improving the performance of organizations, by changing the way people are managed, led and developed. Our team provides customized support in the following areas: –

  • Organization Design & Development – help organizations develop and implement organizational structures to deliver the organization’s strategic intent in order to operate more efficiently and effectively
  • HR Transformation – create leading HR practices by aligning HR and business strategies and putting necessary structures, capabilities and systems in place
  • Behavioral Change Management – help organizations to develop strategies and sustain change initiatives that deal with the impact of change
  • Talent Development – help organizations develop integrated HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain productive, engaged resources in order to meet business and strategic objectives
  • Workforce Optimization – help organizations balance key performing metrics and get the maximum benefit out of human capital in order to achieve strategic and business goals

Our team helps organizations transform by:

  • Aligning their top management around their strategies and desired performance
  • Creating a vision and case for change, and training on cultural change
  • Improving organizational design and capacity development through training and professional development
  • Developing communication strategies and plans, talent and human capital strategies, including identifying and retaining talent
  • Improving the HR team’s effectiveness through creating effective performance management
  • Establishing organization design of the HR function and redesigning HR processes and programs
  • Assessing HR technology and strategies, designing delivery models such as outsourcing and shared services

HR Legal Advisory Services

We offer diverse, personalized and proactive advice on legal matters relating to employment laws. For employers, you can always hire us as your trusted HR support for purposes of guiding your administration\ or HR personnel on legal matters touching on labor and employment law. We provide a range of services including: –

  • Designing, drafting and review of contract of services and executive contracts according to business needs
  • Advising on and handling disciplinary procedures including redundancies, furlough and termination in accordance with applicable labor and employment laws
  • Drafting and review of HR Manuals, Employee handbook, Policies and Procedures
  • Advising on structure of executive compensation including bonus or commission schemes, non- voting equity schemes as well as Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOPs)
  • Handling labor disputes before labor office, magistrates’ or employment and labor courts
  • Helping employers foster and maintain productive relationships with labor unions, negotiating or reviewing Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) with trade unions
  • Conducting HR Legal Audits