Strategic governance, risk management and regulatory compliance are the three pillars that work together for the purpose of assuring that an organization meets its objectives through effective utilization of people, process and technology. We support our clients by offering the following services:

  • i) Governance and Oversight
    With good Corporate Governance structures and practices in place, businesses are able to mitigate risk, safeguard against mismanagement, and facilitate attraction of investment and capital, thereby giving them impetus for growth. A robust Corporate Governance framework can help improve the organization and decision making in the company, ensuring that decisions are taken in the right way at the right level. To achieve this, our firm offers the following services: – 

    • Advise on the composition and structure of the board of directors
    • Preparation of the letters of engagement for directors
    • Preparation and review of board charters, articles of association and shareholders’ agreements
    • Developing Corporate Governance reports, governance manuals, and code of conduct and ethics
    • Review of board procedures to ensure compliance with best practices
    • Corporate Governance assessment and audit
    • Training of board of directors on Corporate Governance
    • Board induction and evaluation
  • ii) Enterprise Risk Management
    We advise multinationals, government appointed officials, corporate board directors and corporate officers in diverse sectors. We help our clients address corruption risks and respond to matters arising from alleged violations of the Bribery Act, 2016 and the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Laws (POCAMLA, 2009 and Regulations). We offer corruption risk mitigation, investigation of allegations and assistance with remediation including: – 

    • Conduct corruption risk assessments, and market entry analysis including pre-acquisition risk reviews
    • Designing and implementing risk-based compliance policies, procedures and programs
    • Conducting integrity investigations of pre-acquisition targets and other third parties including politically exposed persons (PEPs)
    • Performing post acquisition independent review of anti-money laundering compliance audits
    • Performing forensic accounting tests of business transactions
    • Reconstructing accounting records, identifying and preserving electronic data and hard copy records
    • Quantifying the proceeds of corruption for disgorgement and recovery purposes
    • Negotiations with regulators pursuant to a settlement agreement or prosecution
    • Training boards, corporate governance officers and employees on anti-corruption, fraud and ethics, bribery and anti-money laundering laws and protocols
  • iii) Corporate Compliance and Regulatory
    • Development of comprehensive compliance program
    • Compliance program design and control testing
    • Compliance monitoring, assessment, and effectiveness
    • Legal and regulatory consulting