Most employers are wary that their employees may leave employment and setup a competing venture to that of the employer’s business, or that the employee may be poached by the competitor and use the information gained by the former employee to encroach on their markets.

OWNERSHIP OF SECTIONAL PROPERTY – THE SECTIONAL PROPERTY ACT, 2020 Ownership of sectional property involves the subdivision of a building into two or more units, with each unit having a sectional title owned by different persons. A sectional plan is prepared, which lays out a description of the sectional property, the parcel on which itContinue Reading

DIGITIZATION OF LAND RECORDS IN KENYA The concept of digitization of the Lands Registries in Kenya began in 2013 to give effect to sections 9 and 10 of the Land Registration Act 2012. Section 9 mandates the Registrar of Lands to maintain the register and any document required in a secure, accessible and reliable format,Continue Reading

Trust law in Kenya is predominately based on the English common law that recognize the ordinary trust with a settlor, trustee and beneficiary relationship. There is a legal framework, however, for the operation of public and private Trusts i.e. The Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act, which governs the incorporation of trusts for any religious, educational, literary,Continue Reading

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